Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yeah for Saturday!

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Yesterday was cheat day. I think I ended up eating less yesterday than I did any day last week. The first thing I wanted was at 4 a.m. (at work).  I cooked an All Star Breakfast minus the grits or hashbrowns.  All week I wanted scrambled eggs, toast, bacon and a waffle and I finally was able to have it all in one sitting. As hard as I tried and as bad as I wanted it, I couldn't finish it.

Later that day my husband and I went to a friend's shop in Benton. After I dropped him off, I ran an errand in Little Rock and stopped on the way back to Benton to pick us up something to eat. I got a Reuben sandwich from Arby's.  I skipped the fries and ate literally just two of my husband's fries (who can resist fresh, hot fries?).

That evening I was still full since I had eaten my sandwich late in the afternoon. I had talked all week about wanting a milkshake and got my husband to wanting ice cream. Knowing that it would be a week before we would eat ice cream again, I went and got him a chocolate milkshake and me a butterscotch topped vanilla ice cream.

It's getting easier to eat healthier and I'm feeling so much better and losing weight. So far I'm down to 170 pounds. I'm ready for another week!

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