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Angela's Baked Beans

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Angela is my sister-in-law. When my husband and I got married, his brother was deployed in Iraq and his family lived in New Jersey. They recently moved back here to Arkansas, so I'm still getting to know her. My mother-in-law emailed me the recipe for Angela's baked beans and let me tell ya, she's got it going on!

This recipe is so easy, yet so dang good! Here's what you need to make her awesome baked beans:

1 pound Ground Beef
1 tablespoon Butter
1/2 teaspoon Minced Garlic
1 package Onion Soup Mix
1/2 cup Water
2 pound can Pork & Beans
1/2 cup Ketchup
1 cup Brown Sugar
2 tablespoons Mustard
1 tablespoon Vinegar

First, brown the ground beef or turkey in a skillet. I used ground turkey and nobody knew the difference.

Next, drain the meat and put it back in the skillet and mix in the rest of the ingredients.

Pour into a baking pan and bake on 350 degrees for about an hour.

That's it! Can you believe it? I took these to a potluck and there wasn't even one bean left in the pan!

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  1. Ya know, I have been looking for a really, really, really good homemade recipe for baked beans. This may be the one ;) Tell your hubby's brother and his family that we are so thankful for his service ;)

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