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Southern-style Red Beans and Rice

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One thing my mom used to make for us is her own version of red beans and rice. It was basically rice, red beans, smoked sausage and cream of chicken soup. I remember the first time I ate "real" red beans and rice I was disappointed because it was soupy, not anything like hers at all. However, the spices were pretty good. So, I took a stab at making my own version and I can definitely say I got it right the first time! I wouldn't change a thing.

1 1/2 cups uncooked rice
1 tablespoon butter
2 chicken bouillon cubes
3 cups water

2 tablespoons butter
1 small onion
1 bell pepper
6 smoked sausages (hot dog size)

1 cup water
1 chicken bouillon cube
3/4 cup milk
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1 tablespoon creole seasoning

1 can of red beans

Okay, I know this looks like a lot of ingredients, but you'll be amazed at how quick and easy this will be.  First, we'll put the rice on to cook. Put the rice, butter, bouillon cubes (just throw them in there), and water in a pan. Use a bigger pan because you're going to need the room to stir it all up when you add everything else to it.

Turn the burner on high and when the rice starts to boil, turn it down on the lowest setting and put a lid on the pan. I've heard the key to cooking rice is to have a tight fitting lid for your pan. If your lid doesn't fit tight, you can do what I do.

Put a small towel over the pan. Put the lid on the pan. Fold the edges of the towel up over the lid. I did all this with the burner on and my towel didn't catch on fire, but please, please, please be careful. If it makes you feel a little more comfortable, turn the burner off for a minute while you do this and then turn it back on the lowest setting. Also, don't use a good towel (see the stains on mine :) ...just in case. Let the rice simmer for 8 minutes and then turn the burner off and leave it alone while you finish making the rest of the goodness that's going in the rice.

While I was waiting on my rice to start boiling, I started cutting up the onion and bell pepper. Once I got the rice situated, I put butter in a skillet and turned the burner on low to start melting while I cut up the smoked sausages.

I turned the skillet on medium and added the onions, bell pepper and sausage. After giving it a quick stir, I put a lid on the skillet and started making the "cream of chicken soup". Now, you'll need to stir it every now and then and may want to turn the burner down a little if the onions are starting to brown before the bell peppers get tender. I think I stirred it a total of 3 times while it was cooking and I ended up turning the burner down on medium-low.

In a pan I put the water and a chicken bouillon cube and turned the burner on high to bring it to a boil. While I was waiting on this, I stirred together the milk and the cornstarch.

Once the water was boiling I poured the milk in and stirred it with a whisk until it started thickening and bubbling.

I'll be the first to admit I'm a whimp when it comes to spicy.

If you're not chicken you can add more, but if you're a bigger whimp than me you can add less. However, don't leave it out completely! At least add a 1/2 tablespoon of creole seasoning. I added a whole tablespoon! Now it's time to stir everything into the rice.

Then take a bite!

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