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Freschetta Bamboo Cutting Board Giveaway

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Here's the post we've all been waiting for! I say "we" because I've been just as excited about it as you are, if not more!  One lucky reader will receive this fabulous Bamboo Cutting board provided by Freschetta Pizza.

Another lucky reader will receive a "full price" coupon for a Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizza! 

I have to be honest with you, I've eaten alot of frozen pizzas, but I've never tried Freschetta. Last night we went to Walmart to get one of the Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizzas and they didn't have any! This morning I called Brookshire's, which was closed last night, and fortunately, they did carry the Rustic Pepperoni Pomodoro. So this evening we will be trying it out and I'll let you know tomorrow how it tastes!

The giveaway will end Friday night at 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time so you'll have plenty of time to enter! There are two ways to enter:

1. Be a fan on Cooking With Kick's Facebook page. Good news for all my Facebook fans, you're already entered! If you're not a fan yet, click here and hit the "Like" button. Just so you know, my husband is a fan on my page, but he will not be eligible to win.

2. Leave a comment on this post! Tell me what is your favorite pizza and which Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizza will you try if you win the coupon. You can get to their website and see the different varieties by following this link ... Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizza or visit their Facebook page. For a limited time you can click "Like" (on their page, not mine) and get a coupon for $2.00 off!

The most entries any one person will have is two. One for being a Facebook fan and one for leaving a comment. You can leave as many comments as you want, but you will only get one entry. Everyone's name will go in a bucket and my hubby will draw two names. Only one prize per winner. I will announce the winner Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. C.S.T.  I think I have all the rules covered. If you have any questions, please email me. Good luck!

Our Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizza Review

My husband's first reaction when I told him we were going to eat a Freschetta Pizza was, "Great, a fru-fru pizza, I'll get McDonalds." This evening when he came home from work he looked at the pizza in the freezer and said, "Well, this doesn't look too bad."

I preheated the oven to 425 degrees and took the pizza out and sat it on the counter.

Then I peeled off the cover. It was definitely much easier than opening a cardboard box and cutting off the plastic. My hubby said, "This isn't like the other frozen pizzas, look how thin that crust is!" He loves thin crust almost as much as I do.

So now I'm beginning to think I should have just let him write the review. Then I thought, nah, he won't like the tomatoes and mushrooms. I put the pizza in the oven and set the timer for 11 minutes.

After 11 minutes I opened the oven door and smoke started billowing out of the oven. I probably should have gone ahead and put the pizza on a pizza pan or at least put foil down underneath it. After the smoke cleared, I pulled out a perfectly baked pizza and cut it with a pizza cutter.

I put a few slices on a plate and gave it to my husband.

I think if he had a whole pizza to himself he would have ate the whole thing, tomatoes, mushrooms and all. He even commented, "Look I even ate the tomatoes and mushrooms! This pizza is really good! It's got the right amount of sauce. The crust is really thin and crunchy and has seasonings in it. I would definitely get another one of these." Yep, I should have just let him write the review. All opinions on this pizza are 100% my husband's, but I do agree with him. This is really good pizza!

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  1. I think I'm more of a Classic Bruschetta or Chicken Bianco pizza girl! But I love buffalo chicken pizza!!!! Now I want pizza!! :)

  2. I think I would get the classic bruschetta with the coupon.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  3. I'm not sure if the Walmart here carry this brand.. I'll have to check it out :)

  4. I'd get the Harvest Supreme but they all look delicious!

    karin56381 (at)

  5. I think the Harvest Supreme looks wonderful!

  6. I like your blog on facebook ( claudia n)
    nclaudia 25 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  7. I would like to try Harvest supreme
    nclaudia 25 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. Anny - My Walmart didn't have any!

    Harvest Supreme seems to be the popular choice. I gotta have some kinda meat on my pizza! lol

    Claudia - Thank you! I hope you come back and visit often!

    So far 77 fans on Facebook! Don't forget you get a second entry if you click "Like" on my Facebook page -

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