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Corn N' Chicken Scallop

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This afternoon I was reading about Marla's adventure making Glazed Oranges at Making Memories In The Kitchen.  She is making recipes from the Better Homes & Gardens Heritage Cook Book. I have a 1968 Better Homes & Gardens Cook Book (the same one I started using as a kid!) and thought maybe it might have a little bit different version of the recipe since her's didn't taste quite right. I didn't find the recipe in my book, but it has been such a long time since I've looked at it, I started flipping through to see what recipes were in it for chicken.

I flipped over to Easy Meals and found one for Corn N' Chicken Scallop that looked interesting especially since I've never thought about cooking the two together. Also, I've had Scalloped Potatoes and was trying to figure out what Scalloped Corn would be. I had no clue why they were called "Scalloped" Potatoes. I never had a reason to question it before! After a little research I learned that "scalloped" dishes are generally casseroles that are made with milk or sauce and bread crumbs. Now that makes sense.

So, I decided for supper I would make Corn N' Chicken Scallop.  I didn't follow the directions exactly, but I'll let you know what the original recipe called for when I get to that part. Now true to the description of my blog, if you can boil water, you will have absolutely no problem making this and it is sure to impress. Actually, you don't even have to know how to boil water to make this one!

Here's what I used:

3 boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts
1 can Creamed Corn
1 cup Milk
1 tablespoon Cornstarch
1 Egg
1/2 cup Bread Crumbs
6 Green Onions
1/4 cup Butter
1/4 teaspoon Pepper
1/2 teaspoon Salt

First, I turned the oven on 350 degrees so it would be preheated when it was time to put this dish in the oven. I poured the milk in a small bowl and mixed in the cornstarch.  The recipe called for flour, but I like the way cornstarch dissolves and thickens better than flour. If you have flour and not cornstarch, the difference is really so minor that I wouldn't let that stop me from making this. I then added the egg and beat it with a fork to mix the milk and egg together.

I opened the creamed corn and poured it into a glass 13 x 9 x 2 casserole dish (you could use a baking pan) and then poured in the milk and egg mixture and stirred it until everything was evenly combined.

Then I laid the chicken breasts on top of the corn mixture and liberally sprinkled paprika on top of the chicken.

I rinsed off the green onions and used kitchen scissors to snip off the end with the roots and cut the rest of the onion up over the chicken.

This morning I was cleaning my kitchen and was about to put away my blender and chopping attachment and decided I would go ahead and make bread crumbs. Instead of paying for bread crumbs and waisting bread, read my post for Baked Squash. They're healthier too because I make them with whole grain wheat bread. I made the bread crumbs and put them in a ziplock bag and put them in the freezer so I just simply pulled out my bag of bread crumbs and measured out what I needed and sprinkled them over my chicken and corn mixture. The original recipe called for about 30 crushed saltines. I melted the butter in a small bowl (see the Baked Squash post for melting butter in the microwave) and poured it over the chicken breasts first and then poured what was left over the rest of the dish.

Then I put it in the oven and let it bake for 35 minutes. I pulled it out of the oven and put the chicken on a plate. Since I didn't use the crackers I figured the corn mixture would need salt so I stirred in the salt and pepper. If you don't use salt, just stir the mixture up before serving it because the juice from the chicken will need to be mixed in and if you're serving it from the pan you cooked it in, it will look better. If you know me, then you know more often than not I always make everyone's plate. They're welcome to seconds, but I'm really into presentation! Here's what our plates looked like:

For this dish to be so easy, it was so pretty and tasted even better than it looked! This had to be the moistest and juiciest chicken I've ever had. The corn was perfect, the chicken was perfect. The chicken breasts were so big, I couldn't finish mine so my husband finished mine for me and asked for seconds on the corn and he's not a big vegetable eater! Thanks Marla for indirectly getting me to look at my cook book, this is definitely going to be a main meal in my house from now on. 

On a side note, I have one piece of chicken and a serving of corn left, so if you're cooking for more than 3 (or want leftovers) you will probably want to double the recipe to make a dish for up to 6 people. If you try it, which I'm hoping you will, leave me a comment and let me know if you and your family liked it!

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  1. Delicious!! I will have to try this one! Hey, how do you place the pictures inside your blog? My posts put all the pictures up top and in random order; how do you make text then picture then text, etc.?

    Haha, glad to help crack open those cookbooks!! Thanks for trying to help my poor, sour oranges. One of my friends suggested that it was the oranges themselves that weren't sweet enough, and I think that may be right...

  2. This looks yummy! Next time I have a dessert, appetizer, drink, whatever allows me to have a free dinner week I am going to try this!

  3. It was very yummy and delicious!

    Marla, in my post editor I usually type my text in first and then go back and add the pictures. Then I go back and hit enter to make the cursor go below the paragraph where I want the picture and then click the icon to insert a picture. Then I click to the right of the picture and hit enter to give me a space between the picture and the next paragraph. Hope that helps!

  4. Oh yum, I'll be trying this one! We love chicken and my husband is as corny as they come so yes, he loves corn! :-P

    Thanks for sharing this one. Looks simple and delicious - two things that are a must with me! :)


  5. Just finished off the leftovers for supper. It's even good reheated!

  6. Don't know if I mentioned, but I work night shifts and am always looking for something easy to throw together before going to bed so I can just get up and throw it in the oven while I get ready. I thought this was the one! Most the stuff I had in my pantry. Just had to get corn and onions at the store. The paprika bottle in my spice rack? Empty. The cornstarch and breadcrumbs I pictured in my pantry? CornMEAL and oatmeal. Guess that's what happens when you try to remember your pantry at the grocery store after a 12 hour shift!! So here's what I did. I googled Paprika and found out it is actually a fancy chili pepper- so I used cayenne pepper. I used the flour. I put everything together and then slid it in the fridge for the day. I happened to have some garlic and butter croutons I was planning to use for the presentation pic of my next recipe....oh well! I crushed them up over the chicken when I woke up and left out the butter drizzle over top. Then stuck this in the oven and got ready for work! DELICIOUS!!! I will definitely be making this again. The only thing I would do different is add another can of corn for more leftovers. Feel good about this one- you helped someone who not only couldn't boil water this morning, but didn't even have the water to boil!

  7. That is the best compliment I've ever had! Thanks for trying it and I'm glad you liked it!

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