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Whole Lot Of Grain Goodness

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Monday through Friday my day normally starts around 7 a.m.  My husband wakes me up with a cup of coffee waiting for me in the living room. Once I'm awake or about half my coffee is gone I start making breakfast, snacks and lunches.  For breakfast my husband likes Egg and Cheese Sandwiches, my brother likes Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches and I like Oatmeal. I have a feeling they're going to both like the Banana Nut Muffins I'm going to make for breakfast for tomorrow and Friday.

Each package makes 6 muffins and they're made with whole grains. Whole grains are so much better for you because not only do you get potassium and magnesium, they also have more protein and fiber than things made with refined grains like white bread and white rice. The other day I was watching Modern Marvels show on how rice goes from being harvested to the grocery store shelf. All this time I thought white rice and brown rice were two different kinds of plants. Basically the only difference between white and brown rice is that white rice goes through a refining process to knock off the brown outer layer of the grain which contains bran and germ.

I remember growing up my mom would buy Roman Meal Wheat Bread and I hated it! It seemed like in every bite I would get a hard kernel of something and it would drive me crazy. White bread was soft and smooth and didn't have any hard kernels in it. These days you can get a variety of wheat breads that are soft and smooth like white bread. When my girls where home they actually preferred wheat bread.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I was about to pick up a package of wheat hamburger buns when a package of wheat sandwich rounds caught my eye. They were the same price, less calories and contained more fiber than the buns. I'm not a calorie counter, but this was definitely a plus in addition to the fiber. After I put them in my buggy, I noticed a lady getting a package of them so I asked her if she'd had them before. She said that she had and told me how good they were. There are a couple of other varieties that she had tried, but she liked these best.

This morning I used them to make Egg and Cheese Sandwiches for breakfast. My husband was kind of skeptical. I think he thought they looked a little too much like English muffins which he doesn't like. Basically they're flat bread, probably very similar to the flat bread they've started using at some fast food restaurants for breakfast sandwiches. They're really good. It's packed with flavor, but since it's flat you can taste more of  what's in the sandwich instead of being overloaded with bread.  I'm definitely going to try these with Turkey Burgers.

My plan for today:
8 a.m. Egg and Cheese Sandwich on Wheat Sandwich Round
11 a.m. Pear and String Cheese
1 p.m. Salad with Cucumbers and a few slices of Chicken Breast lunch meat
4 p.m. Vanilla Yogurt and Granola
7 p.m. Grilled Chicken Breast with Grilled Onions on Wheat (my Waffle House favorite!)
10 p.m. Raisin Toast

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