Monday, February 21, 2011

Eat Pray Sleep

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Saturday night I worked the graveyard shift which makes it convenient to eat anything I want from the Waffle House on cheat day. However, we were so busy that when it finally slowed down it was sometime early Sunday morning. I wanted smothered, covered, hashbrowns topped with gravy and an egg, but it was no longer cheat day so I ate an egg and a piece of wheat toast.

It's really hard to go home and go to sleep while the rest of the world is waking up. So not knowing whether to pray to be able to stay awake or go to sleep I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast with my husband. He ate Honey Bunches of Oats. I ate Great Grains Pecan whole grain cereal. I decided to pass on a cup of coffee and go ahead and lay down.  I guess I definitely needed sleep because the next thing I remember is that it was 1 o'clock.

My meals for yesterday:

5 a.m. one Egg, one piece of Wheat Toast (dry)
8 a.m. Great Grains Pecan whole grain cereal
1 p.m. Turkey Sandwich with Lettuce on Wheat (lite Mayo)
4 p.m. Vanilla Yogurt with Granola
7 p.m. Turkey Burger with Lettuce and Cheese on Wheat (lite Mayo) and 1 Red Potato
9 p.m. Sleep

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