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Zacapa Premium Dark Aged Rum

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When I agreed to write this post, I thought I would be writing it on my other blog, but that's okay because rum can be used in cooking! Although, I think this premium rum might be best in one of those recipes where the directions are mix, pour rum in a glass, stir, drink rum, mix, pour more rum in glass.  Well, you get the idea. So, let me tell you a little about Zacapa premium rum.


Zacapa premium dark rum is made a little different than other rums. Instead of being made with molasses as it's base, it is made with virgin sugar cane honey pressed from sugar cane grown in volcanic soil. The ageing process is done in a facility called The House Above the Clouds. I imagine it gets it's name because it's located 2,300 meters above sea level. 

Now I'm not a connoisseur of rum, but based on everything I've read, this rum has it's own distinctive taste that cannot be imitated. During the ageing process, the rum passes through casks that were used for American whiskeys, Oloroso sherry and Pedro Ximenez wines.

While I'm not certain that it wouldn't be a bad idea to put this rum in a cake, after visiting their site, it seems it's best paired with dark chocolate. Now that I'm all for! You can learn more about this exceptional rum by joining the Zacapa Society at You might even get a reward for your participation in the society!

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading about this product. It's got me to wondering if I can substitute rum for whiskey in bread pudding. you use rum in your cooking or while you're cooking?

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