Sunday, March 20, 2011

Help Me Plan My Menu

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Just a reminder, and in case you missed it, I'm working on planning my weekly menu today. I'll pick two main dishes and one dessert from your suggestions (provided that I can afford the ingredients, no prime ribs please!) or other food blogs. Tonight or tomorrow I'll be posting what I'll be cooking this week and as the week progresses I'll show you how I made it. So far I do have one suggestion from Veronica for a casserole from, so that leaves one more main dish. Also, I've got a craving for chocolate cake so if you have any suggestions for a recipe leave me a comment!

Well, it's going to be 75 degrees again today so we're off to take a ride. Hope that wherever you are is as nice as it is here today!

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  1. Hmmm, what do you have in your pantry and freezer right now? I'd start there and then I could make suggestions for you. I just posted my meal plan for the coming week. I'm choosing to use my slow cooker a lot then finish things off with pizza, grilling outside and a few breakfast specialties.

    I try to alternate cooking with chicken, gr. turkey, sausage and even throw in a vegan meal if I can. We don't eat a lot of beef like ribs, steak, pork, etc. I find I tend to also alternate with a pasta meal (spaghetti, lasagna, tetrazinni), a Mexican meal and a casserole or soup style meal as well. We have pizza about every other week, homemade, and I try to do 2-3 homemade snacks and desserts. You can look back at some of my old weeks of meal planning if you have the time for other ideas -

    I say keep it simple and use what you have on hand already. I always have rice and pasta and broths so I find you can make a meal out of those at any time! Good luck with whatever you decide!

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